Find your motivation with us to Grow. We help you further your Strategy, Learning, and Presence.

  • Balancing Preparation and Timing
  • Balancing Preparation and Timing
  • Tapping Inner Resources
  • Tapping Inner Resources
  • Building With Care
  • Building With Care
  • Using Tools
  • Using Tools

When and How do you shape your strategy? You can take the Lead, and set the pace. Discover more today!

Strategy | 籌略

We advise you on strategy that shape and support these five values, so you may lead and strengthen your people: Affordability (Financial value); Timeliness (Temporal value); Usefulness (Functional value); Simplicity (Experience value); Interpersonal and emotional connection (Social value).

Strategy is the blueprint that guides your efforts to move onward. It enables you to be perceptive of your versatile capacity, and unfavorable limits.

Strategy is far more than searching out opportunities beyond your line of sight, or looking back at what you did well and right.

What if you craft your learning? You can achieve the Goal. Know more today!

Learning | 學術

We prepare you to become savvy and capable to overcome situations that are difficult, complex, and even unpredictable. Furthermore, you can reinforce your team with the ingenuity that you acquire and apply.

Learning builds deeper understanding and means. Developing what you know and how you do it will sharpen your confidence, competence, and creativity.

Learning explores new options to reshape your perspectives and your know-how. Even adapt insights from others.

Why not express your presence? You can tell your Story, and be an influence. View more today!

Presence | 存在

We raise your presence so others may find you and relay what you offer to their colleagues, friends and family. Let them follow in your footsteps to extend the merits of your ideas.

Presence expresses the qualities of who you are and what you do. It is not just about being visible or impressing the moment.

Presence puts across what is essential and relevant, to add clarity rather than distract.

How can you bring challenges to fruition? Find out more today!

Strategy X Learning X Presence |
籌略 X 學術 X 存在

Strategy and learning complement each other; Steering us to be aware of Why and Where to go, and to be clear of What and How to do.

We shape strategies and enhance our learning to reach out with our presence, bringing out the best in us.

Not just for you or me.

It is also for your team, family, and advancing the community of people around you.

Are you game to walk with us to think broad, think deep, think far?

Check out our Tea Time Consulting.

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