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Why Craft Your Learning

You are confident when you can resolve a challenge.

Where you are able to pick out the suitable solution, along with a course of action.

You can achieve your goal with resourcefulness, instead of being incapable.


How We Craft Learning

Learning goes beyond collecting information, in whatever situation you wish to overcome.

We coach you to be watchful of when your skills and know-how fall short of the task.

We focus on what you do with the new knowledge you create. And guide you to gather deeper understanding from mistakes and missteps.

Learning moments take place not only in structured activities that pass down know-how to you; they can also happen through various casual group engagements, where you pass on experiences. We enable you to widen learning across your people, in order to advance your organization's goals with your people's combined expertise.


What We Do To Assist Your Learning

Learning Development

1. Balanced Scorecard more

  • Are your Learning and Growth activities supporting your Internal processes? Additionally, are these processes strengthening Customer expectations and Financial parameters? We go over these four viewpoints to consider the whole extent of your value chain, rather than as separate elements of your firm.

2. Customer Service (Value Types, Role-Plays) more

  • Why do customers do what they do? How responsive are you to what they value (sometimes it is not about the price)? Participate in our customer-journey mock-ups to be in different roles. Observe others' concerns and rethink their expectations, so you may better care and respond with friendly confidence when facing actual patrons.

3. Community of Practice more

  • When separate teams reinvent similar solutions, they use up time, effort, materials, and budgets. We help create events where your staff becomes aware of what others work on. They can share lessons, insights, and even designs on how they made things better.

4. Gamification more

  • Why should learning be a tiresome chore of overcoming loads of information? We enliven your group's learning through games and various light-hearted contests, allowing participants to think outside the box and apply their learning.

5. Instructional Assessment and Design more

  • We advise you on the learning sciences, to effectively pass down and pass on know-how to your people. Combine our suggestions with performance feedback, coaching sessions, and mentoring programs. These will further improve your community.

6. Learning Interventions more

  • There is a variety of individual or even team learning approaches including Self-directed programs, Instructor-Led-Courses, Micro-learning, and also Project-based learning. We can design one to meet the needs of your team and you.

7. Learning Motivators more

  • How do you promote learning from the individual, to the group and community level of the workplace? Beyond incentives or rewards, we show you how to meet your learners' needs and wants for acceptance, relationships, security, and purpose.

Intellectual Capital

1. Brand Influence more

  • Does your preferred segment of customers recognize the worth of your products or services? We raise your brand-identity and customer involvement and contribution, by strengthening the value of your relationships with your patrons and their related community.

2. Experience Design and Pilots more

  • Do you consider experiential features in your choices or decisions? We highlight critical elements of the user experience - friendliness, thoughtful touch of care and consideration, worthiness, and the guarantee of craftsmanship. Expressed in design, these qualities add value to functionality.

3. Intellectual Assets more

  • What's not to love about growth? But can you sustain it? Consider your intangible soft assets - the collective know-how of your network, patents, copyrights, and trademarks. We prompt you to prepare these assets as your unique market advantage.

4. Service Total-Quality-Management (TQM) more

  • Your customers value great people-service, not inanimate products. We raise your awareness of high-touch as a key source of business growth. Deliver your coherent customer-facing service workflow of - error prevention, coordination, recovery from missteps, feedback, and ongoing refinements.

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