Presence | 存在

Why Express Your Presence

You adore stories of achievements from purposeful decisions.

Where you realize how people and events come together to showcase skill, even determination.

You can tell your story to influence others, rather than follow a crowd.


How We Express Presence

In the jungle dubbed the internet-of-things, your presence need not be showy or involve pervasive technologies.

We promote purpose centered on people. Looking at the world through their eyes to answer their struggles, this brings people and ideas together in ever-extending relationships that help others.

We spotlight the ingenuity in your teams, and showcase the value of their commitment not found in mere compliance to templates or routines.


What We Do To Assist Your Presence


1. Multi/Cross-Cultural Team Engagement more

  • Are you observant of cultural differences? We offer you insights to connect people across their diverse backgrounds. Bring them together to realize your strategy.

2. Process Knowledge, Capabilities Evaluation more

  • Which parts of your current processes spend too much effort or cause runaway expenses? We integrate your people's knowledge, capabilities, and ideas, in order to put forward task improvements, simpler working methods, or even a completely new design.

3. Social Network Analysis more

  • Thought leaders, innovators, and caregivers, have the ears and the hearts of your community. We find them among your people to create growth opportunities, even strengthen togetherness.

4. Cross-functional Team, Task-Force, Focus-Group more

  • Do you have access to fresh viewpoints or useful approaches for your programs? We can select a small team of your members across functions or disciplines. Their complementary work styles and capabilities, can bring about a functional solution or even a valuable user experience.

5. Case Studies, Complex Fault Identification more

  • How can you learn from mistakes to identify their contributing factors? Projects (past and current) offer many teachable moments and meaningful exchanges. We unpack the experiences into lesson points (the details of personal stories, decisions, setbacks, and the big picture). So your learning members can make better decisions, overcome performance hurdles, and even design better fail-safes.

6. Team Experience, Personnel Recognition and Appreciation more

  • We offer practical suggestions that will raise the morale of your team members in their collaboration experience. Know how you can infuse recognition, appreciation of their efforts, and other options that matter to their camaraderie. It is not always about the financial incentives when they express their struggles or fatigue.

7. Coaching (Team Leadership, Performance) more

  • People do not leave the company, they walk away from bad leadership. We coach team leaders to become aware of their own mindsets and tasks, to nurture their direct reports' expertise, as well as to complement one another's social strengths. So these leaders may enhance (rather than dictate) their team's work performance in their area of business operations.

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